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The University of Tuscia (UNITUS) promotes supporting initiatives for students, teaching and technical-administrative staff from Ukraine by activating the following measures:

  • 20 scholarships of the duration of 6 months, for a total amount of € 4000 each (€ 666,67/month), destined to students enrolling in a UNITUS program, either taught in English or in Italian.

  • 4 contributions of the duration of 6 months, for a total amount of € 6000 each (€ 1000/month) for Ukrainian researchers, professors, lecturers, teachers, and technical-administrative staff.

Contributions and scholarships have been defined considering the costs of accommodation and meals, also given the available services by LazioDisco, and the cost of life in Viterbo. University enrolment fee are totally waived. The only cost to be borne by the student will amount to € 156, to cover regional tax and stamp duty.

The University of Tuscia is making an effort to raise more funds to increase the number of contributions and scholarships.

In addition, the University is committed to provide Erasmus+ grants to:

  • 22 students on Erasmus+ ICM mobility for 3 months each, extendable until funds are available; the monthly amount is € 850, plus a travel contribution of € 275.

  • 20 teaching and administrative staff in Erasmus+ ICM mobility for at maximum 2 months each.
    The daily subsistence will be € 160 for the first 14 days; then a reduction of 30% will be applied. The beneficiary will also receive a travel contribution of € 275.

Erasmus+ mobility grant will be provided to students, researchers, professors, lecturers, teachers, and technical-administrative staff from the following Ukrainian universities with which UNITUS has active cooperation agreements:

  • Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

  • Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

  • V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

  • Lviv Polytechnic National University

All mobilities must be in any case accepted by the Home University that will check the eligibility and be in charge of the signature of Grant and Mobility Agreement (Learning/Teaching/Training)

For further info, please send an email to [email protected].

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4 responses to “UNITUS for UKRAINE”

  1. Eliska Nachazelova says:

    That’s great and generous of you, thanks for that!
    They need help and, like finding a home for refugees, we need to take care of students in exactly this way. It’s the least we can do for them now. Give at least constant development and hope.

  2. Isabella Querci says:

    Thank you for sharing, this is so important!
    We need to demonstrate solidarity in line with the EU values! Well done UNITUS!

  3. Mateusz Kaleta says:

    In a situation of war, any support is essential. Particular attention should be paid to pupils and students who, despite the enormity of the tragedy, want to develop further. It is great that such initiatives are emerging. This is extremely important and we thank you for this information.

  4. Kristian Horslund says:

    It is of utmost importance that there are institutions that can aid foreigners, let alone people from war torn countries like Ukraine at this moment. Therefore it is only commendable that such help from UNITUS can be provided to those in need.
    I could not agree more with the other comments. I firmly believe that the experience those who eventually seek help – can be brought back to their home country, once everything returns back to a somewhat normal reality. In the end by helping in such a way, we will only augment their beliefs in knowing that Europe wants to welcome them as a family, and their place is namely in Europe, and they should not feel left out.

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