At this very moment, the virtual discussion is more than ever important for Universities’ activities of any kind. Also, videos have proven to be extremely effective in conveying messages directly and quickly, thus grasping the attention of the viewer more easily than traditional written content. The videos will cover different topics from basic practical tips for managing mobility in case of emergency, to documents and practical suggestions for both staff and students, to the experiences of University managers and decision-makers.  Innovative practices will be shared at different levels, thus valorizing virtuous contributions by Erasmus stakeholders and promoting them in the wider Erasmus community. Video interviews will also create an occasion for different individuals to share their experiences and be seen in their needs and empowered for the solutions they found for the project topic. Overall, the release of the videos is expected to boost options for further research in the social science field on COVID19 impact among the target communities and allow for innovative solutions to be offered at all levels of the decision-making process regarding the management of Erasmus mobility in case of emergency. 

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Incoming Erasmus students:

RIPEC Interviews: Maite Argiarro Sangroniz Ripec (UJEP)

RIPEC Interviews: Türkan Göktaş (UJEP)

RIPEC Interviews: Theresa Adler (Cadiz Univesity)

Outgoing Erasmus students:

RIPEC Interviews: Krystian Horslund (AKSIM)

RIPEC Interviews: Magdalena Iwachow (AKSIM)

RIPEC Interviews: Sandhya Cantero Quinones (Cadiz University)

Teaching staff:

RIPEC Interviews: Maria Vazquez (Cadiz)

RIPEC Interviews: Krystian Chołaszczyński (AKSIM)

Non-teaching staff:

RIPEC Interviews: Pavlína Šimečková (UJEP)

RIPEC Interviews: Marilo Gomez Dominguez (Cadiz)

RIPEC Interviews: Javier Izquierdo Anton (Cadiz University)

RIPEC Interviews: Przemysław Pawlak (AKSIM)

RIPEC Interviews: Zygfryd Habrych (AKSIM)

RIPEC Interviews: Maria Laska (AKSIM)

RIPEC Interviews: Tomasz Wieczerzak (AKSIM)

RIPEC Interviews: Mirosław Politowski (AKSIM)










Ripec CTA

Wish to share your experience with RIPEC ?

The RIPEC researchers have developed a series of anonymous surveys dedicated to anyone experiencing the mobility during these hard times. If you want to share your experience, give advices and help us identifying innovative solutions for Erasmus+ mobility in case of emergency, you can fill out the survey at these links