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The importance of finding friends during Erasmus

As we all know, Erasmus is a really great experience a student can do in life. It gives you the strength of doing things on your own, it gives you power and even independence. 

But not necessarily you need to do everything alone. Because of this, maybe finding some new friends can help you enjoy this beautiful journey in another country. And even more, maybe they can become your new family you even know you needed. 

So, here’s my advices for you that are preparing yourself for Erasmus.

  • Try to live this experience from the very beginning

It could be a little bit scary moving out from your own country all by yourself, with nobody by your side that can physically relieve you. Your first days will be difficult, but don’t worry: it’s normal! Try to concentrate on what you are going to do on your next days, like planning your lessons or start to eat in some local restaurants, and then everything will be natural. Just remember to start making friends in your university, for example, or during your lunch break, or even with your roommates if you live with other people.

  • Go out to clubs, discos or any social places

Bars, clubs and parties are the best places where you can find more people of your age. Music is a great instrument that you can use to socialize and you can also connect with other people talking about hobbies or sharing ideas.

  • Try to be more confident and attempt to chat with other people

You are at a local restaurant or in a club and things begin to get boring? Try to play games, involve more people at your table and feel free to be funny, entertain other people with jokes and, more importantly, be yourself!

  • This is an advice for shy and introverted people

I know it could be very difficult to express yourself with other people, but put yourself together and give it a try! Just have a go and whatever it comes to your mind, go and say that to the others. Maybe the first attempt might not be as satisfying as you imagined, but at least you can say you have improved your social skills! Isn’t it better?

All you gotta do is have fun, enjoy your experience, and don’t worry, if you believe in yourself, you will absolutely gonna find the best friendship ever!

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3 responses to “The importance of finding friends during Erasmus”

  1. Eliska Nachazelova says:

    It’s definitely a very important aspect! I can say it from my point of view as an erasmus student. It is even more difficult for those who are attending an internship. So, my advice is look for an internship in a company that employs other trainees or try to connect with esn or other groups ahead. If it doesn’t work out either, don’t worry, you will still have an opportunity to meet many new friends! 🙂

  2. Krystian Chołaszczyński says:

    The Erasmus + program offers many opportunities …
    You can study and practice.
    At the Polish university, I am responsible for mobility and quite often students emphasize not only the improvement of their skills and competences, but also non-educational profits.
    In the first place, of course, they put contacts with others … Friendships and relationships remain with them forever …..
    Of course, travel and cuisine are also high on the list ….
    I always advise students one thing: do not stay in your dormitories. Get out … Get the most out of the Erasmus + program!

  3. Eliska Nachazelova says:

    Exactly Krystian!
    In my investigation, I found out why students leave and why they don’t. Among the top 5 reasons to try it is to build up a personal and professional network. Students are aware of this and that is great. On the other hand, the biggest “threat” and the reason for not going out is that they don’t have a “travel partner” and they are afraid to go out alone. We need to share the experience of students who are probably the only ones who can change the thinking of future travelers.

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