RIPEC brings new opportunities

In the final reports on Erasmus + projects, we are always asked for examples of good practice.
One of them is currently taking place within our project.

 A member of our project team is Eliška. And thanks to the contacts she gained from our project, she can now achieve one of her goals – a practical internship at an Italian university.
From 1. 8. 2021 to 30. 9. 2021 she is going to participate on Traineeship within Erasmus+ at Universita degli Studi della Tuscia.
She is going to work for a full time and will be involved in the running of every day´s activities about student´s mobility. She will take care of helping students in their steps which go from planning to realizing the mobility. She will also support the administrative staff in other ordinary practical procedures.
He knows the functioning and administration of the Erasmus project from the other side.
He is also very much looking forward to meeting the RIPEC project team in person at the upcoming meeting.
Good luck, Eliška!

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3 responses to “RIPEC brings new opportunities”

  1. Lisa Lonati says:

    What a great news!
    We are very happy for Eliška, may this experience, which is exactly in the spirit of Erasmus cooperation, be both professionally and personally enriching and inspiring.

  2. Milagros Huerta Gómez de Merodio says:

    Of course!
    A great advantage that these types of projects have is the large number of people we know. From different countries and with different cultures. Erasmus + projects are not only about learning, they also create new opportunities to work.

  3. Krystian Chołaszczyński says:

    Erasmus is a great way to increase your competences and skills.
    I wish this Eliška to fully enjoyed all the gifts of this wonderful program.
    Inter-university collaboration is gaining momentum with Erasmus + and the RIPEC project.
    This is how the European university community is built.

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