Podcast: Erasmus+ talks at UJEP

In the next year, we have decided at UJEP to build something amazing not only for us but also for you on our 30th birthday.

This news is the university podcast studio!

Our idea is interviews full of experiences, which give the listeners a bit of you and maybe it will help someone decide where their next steps in life will lead. For example, we have a special inspirational podcast with international students for students thinking about traveling. This is the last show called Erasmus + talks, where Bobby from Ghana or Sinan from Turkey spoke about their findings from studies at UJEP.

Listen right now Interview about life in Czechia on Erasmus+ with:


You can do all this on your way to work or school instead of listening to the radio 🙂

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One response to “Podcast: Erasmus+ talks at UJEP”

  1. Krystian Chołaszczyński says:

    Amazing idea!
    We live in extremely interesting times.
    Another revolution – digital this time – is taking place before our eyes.
    We are witnessing remarkable changes.
    There is a lot of work ahead of teachers, lecturers, schools and universities.
    We all have to react to changes that often divide students and students.
    I wish the initiators that their initiative will be a complete success.
    Best wishes from Poland!

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