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Life is more than that!

From 17 to 21 August, at the Academy of Social and Media Culture in Toruń, workshops for young people entitled: “Life is something more” were held. 240 people from various parts of Poland participated in the workshop.

Workshops of this type are a cyclical proposition of AKSiM, addressed to young people who expect something more from life. They are a great opportunity to meet other people, integration, great fun and intellectual and spiritual growth. The Academy organizes both music workshops (under the direction and supervision of Dr. Zbigniew Małkowicz – composer and arranger and the “LUMEN” Sacred Music Group) and journalism workshops, the program of which includes not only TV, radio and communication workshops, but … much more!

This year, an extremely rich program awaited the participants, and the workshops themselves were therefore extended by one day for both music and journalism groups.

Workshop participants gained and expanded their skills, incl. in the field of work in the press, television, radio, first aid, acting, VR with elements of artificial intelligence and unmanned aviation (drones).

A novelty this year, which was waiting for the youth in Toruń, were the patriotic and military workshops, which also included the performance of various tasks at the military training ground. The youth underwent basic shooting training, learned what SERE is all about, got to know the construction of equipment and weapons and overcame the military obstacle course, thanks to which they could also prove themselves in terms of efficiency.

During the workshops, the young people could also meet interesting guests, including: prof. dr hab. Zbigniew Jacyna-Onyszkiewicz (physicist specializing in issues in the field of theoretical physics and the theory of magnetism, who repeatedly gave lectures at seminars in Castel Gandolfo at the invitation of St. John Paul II), Anna and Ryszard Sobczak – Polish florists, Olympians and medal winners, Marta Zielińska-Śliwka, Deputy Director of the Diplomatic Academy for Education and Development at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who told young people about what steps should be taken to become a diplomat.

Organized workshops certainly show young people through their rich program and the opportunity to meet other people that life is something more than just passive spending of free time. In addition, the workshops make our Academy vibrant with life, even despite the holidays.

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2 responses to “Life is more than that!”

  1. Mateusz Kaleta says:

    I personally participated in these workshops. There is a great atmosphere there. This year, the workshops had a very rich program. Everyone has certainly found something for themselves. I know many of these young people from the time when I myself was a group teacher at these workshops. It’s great that they want to come back here and experience that there is more to life. Thanks to this, they meet friends and build valuable relationships for life. Such relations are also favored by the Erasmus program! Greetings from Poland to the whole great RIPEC team! 🙂

  2. Eliska Nachazelova says:

    That’s great! The program sounds really interesting. 🙂
    This is exactly what not only children need to experience at the end of the holidays. I believe that they will remember it for a long time when they are sitting in their school desks.
    We organize similar events in the Czech Republic, but they usually take place at the end of the school year.

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