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Hybrid activities – new normality

Greetings from Poland!

I have such a personal conviction that after the pandemic chaos, we all dream of normality.

However, this normality in which our life will come will not be the same as in the times when no one heard about the coronavirus.

The end of the year is a time of great work for each Erasmus + coordinator. Conferences, seminars, guest lectures, webinars, etc. We all dream about Christmas when we can catch our breath.

The last two weeks made me realize the most that activities in real and cyberspace at the same time are a sign of the new times: new normality.

On December 11, 2021, an unusual event took place. The Academy of Social and Media Culture in Toruń took part in a webinar organized by the Taiwanese Catholic Fu Jen University in New Taipei. The science seminar was part of the TaiwanPlus Online Film Festival. Experts from the Republic of China, Japan, India and South Korea took part in the webinar.

Until the end of December 2021, the organizers of the Festival will publish classic Taiwanese films on one of their websites for free. Among them is Ang Lee’s trilogy, “Father Know Best”. The first part of “Pushing Hands” is also Lee’s directorial debut, which already has cult status.

The expert who was to discuss the features and message of the author of the film was I: Dr. Krystian Chołaszczyński, lecturer at AKSiM, deputy coordinator of the Regional Center for International Debate in Toruń and coordinator of the Erasmus + program. The discussion was moderated by prof. Albert Wei-Min Tang.

The webinar was held as part of the inter-university cooperation that was initiated a few years ago thanks to the Erasmus + program. The participants of the meeting expressed their hope that another similar webinar would be held soon.

From 14 to 18 December 2021, at the Academy of Social and Media Culture AKSiM in Toruń, I hosted Professor Merita Dollma from the University of Tirana. It was another great example of inter-university cooperation carried out thanks to the amazing Erasmus + program.

Prof. Dr. Merita Dollma has been a lecturer and research fellow at the Faculty of History and Philology of the Faculty of Geography of the University of Tirana since 2007. Her research and publishing interests include heritage, tourism, ecology and promotion. Prof. Dollma is a lecturer in the fields of Natural and Cultural Heritage, Human Ecology, Economic Geography and Migration.

The professor conducted a series of lectures attended by students of AKSiM. There were also meetings with lecturers and the Academy’s authorities, including with His Magnificence, Father Rector, Dr. Zdzisław Klafka. Besides, prof. M. Dollma gave an interview to our students as part of the classes and visited the TV studio TRWAM, for which I would like to thank Bartłomiej Olchowik.

Prof. Merita Dollma expressed his admiration for the university’s technical facilities and interest in future cooperation in the framework of joint conferences, articles and projects. The tutor of prof. M. Dollmy was the head of the office of inter-university and international cooperation and the coordinator of the Erasmus + program, Dr. Krystian Chołaszczyński.

Hybridity has become the new normal. It remains for us to adapt to the new requirements.

What do you think about it?

I am waiting for your comments.

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  1. Isabella Querci says:

    This is very true! Digitalization has been such a relief and help in pandemic times and we agree that it will become a part of our new normality…. to which youngsters will not struggle to adjust. For us, who were quite comfortable in the ‘before’ reality, that made of presence, shared meals, in-person debates it is going to be a bit harder yet we can do it!! 🙂

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