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Holidays in Poland under the Erasmus + program? Why Not …, a short guide to the Polish language.

Dear Friends!

Greetings from Poland!

Many students think that the Erasmus + program is mainly about studying at a foreign university. Nothing could be more wrong. Thanks to the Erasmus + program, students have the opportunity to do internships at universities or other institutions. These 60 days are changing the lives of many.

For example, I will mention the university that I represent.

The College of Social and Media Culture (CSMC) is an independent HE institution. It was established on 14th August 2001. The founder of the College is Rev. Tadeusz Rydzyk, PhD, the director of  „Radio Maryja” and the founder of a TV channel „TRWAM”. At present, Rev. Zdzisław Klafka, PhD, is the Rector of the College. The school has adopted the following epigraph: Fides, Ratio et Patria, i.e. Faith, Mind and Homeland.

At the moment we educate in five fields of study: Political Studies, Journalism and Social Communication, Information Technology, Media Informatics and Nursing. In recent years, our college has been repeatedly evaluated by the Polish Accreditation Committee, the only legally empowered institution in Poland dedicated to the evaluation of the quality of higher education. All faculties at our college have been positively evaluated and Journalism and Social Communication received an award of ‘ ‘outstanding’ – the highest rating awarded by the Polish Accreditation Committee.

Thanks to the excellent cooperation with institutions such as Radio Maryja, TV Trwam or the “Nasz Dziennik” newspaper, Polish and foreign students can undergo internships that directly teach real professional skills.

Besides, you can visit wonderful places in your free time. We have mountains in the south (Tatry, Karpaty, Świętokrzyskie Mountains) and the Baltic Sea in the north of the country.

My university is located in the beautiful city of Toruń.  Torun is a city with a tempestuous history, which take in great traditions as well as interesting political, social, cultural and religious events.

Strolling around the Old Town of Torun you can admire a fine architectural complex which originated in the mid-13th century. Many buildings have not been altered. The examples of Gothic architecture of Torun include bourgeois tenement houses, impressive churches, sections of city walls with gates, and the ruins of the Teutonic castle. Here you can follow the footsteps of Nicolas Copernicus, the astronomer who developed the heliocentric system.

The Polish language may seem difficult for many people, but thanks to the well-known Polish hospitality, you will certainly communicate without any problems. However, it is worth knowing a few phrases.

Basic vocabulary and phrases:

Hi/Bye – Cześć

Good morning – Dzień dobry

Good evening – Dobry wieczór

Good bye – Do widzenia

Good night – Dobranoc

Nice to meet you – Miło Cię poznać

Enjoy your meal. – Smacznego


What is your name? – Jak masz na imię?

My name is… – Nazywam się…

I am from… – Pochodzę z…

How do I get to… – Jak się dostanę do…

Where do I find…? – Gdzie znajdę…


What time is it? – Która jest godzina?

I will be late. – Będę późno.

Morning – rano

Afternoon – popołudnie

Evening – wieczór


How much does it cost? – Ile to kosztuje?

Do you have any change? – Masz rozmienić?

I would like to see the menu. – Poproszę kartę.

The bill please. – Rachunek poproszę.


Ticket – bilet

Cinema – kino

Bus stop – przystanek autobusowy

Railway station – dworzec kolejowy

I feel bad – Źle się czuję.


Do you speak English? – Mówisz po angielsku?

I don’t speak Polish. – Nie mówię po polsku.

Where is the police station? – Gdzie jest posterunek policji?


Three Magic words

Excuse me/Sorry – przepraszam

Please – proszę

Thank you – dziękuję






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  1. Lisa Lonati says:

    Dear friends from Poland,
    This description of your university and your fascinating country make us want to travel and visit new places even more. Surely Erasmus, besides having a great and well known educational value, has helped many young people to discover new places in their hearts. And with the spirit of cooperation typical of the initiative, even the biggest challenges (like learning a whole new language, for example!) can be easily overcome.

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