RIPEC research team has published several articles on the topic of Innovative Practices in Emergency Management of Erasmus Community.

You can find them here:

  • Research for Innovative Practices in Emergency Management of Erasmus Community, in
    International Journal of Computing and Optimization, 2020, Vol. 7 n. 2, (ISSN 2367-5594) by Prof. Andrea Colantoni (UNITUS) e Prof.ssa Isabella Querci (CA)
  • ‘Good practices for teaching during crises: the findings of RIPEC project’ paper discussed at the Round Table: Crisis teaching experiences by Prof. Yannis Skarpelos (Panteion University)
  • ‘Chatbot to Provide Initial Assistance to Erasmus Students in Case of Emergency’ paper presented at the Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality by Prof.  Antonio Balderas Alberico (UCA).
Ripec CTA

Wish to share your experience with RIPEC ?

The RIPEC researchers have developed a series of anonymous surveys dedicated to anyone experiencing the mobility during these hard times. If you want to share your experience, give advices and help us identifying innovative solutions for Erasmus+ mobility in case of emergency, you can fill out the survey at these links