Despite the pandemic, some students have not given up on the Erasmus+. They chose to followonline lessons and courses, even if they are a thousand miles away from the universities.
They are called the “Jet-Lagged Students”: their alarm clock rings in the middle of the night, they have breakfast and then, they sit in front of a screen ready to start a new all-nighter, together with their classmates, be they American, Brasilian, Chinese or Russian.
What they have made is a really challenging choice and shows how hard was for students to renounce a trip that would have changed their lives. They joke about it, saying “some Redbull and melatonin, everyone can make it”, but the truth is that they, like everyone else, can’t wait to leave. In the hope that it can be done as soon as possible, this is the best solution for the moment.
If you want to read the full interview with a “Jet-Lagged Student”, you can find it here:

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Ripec CTA

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The RIPEC researchers have developed a series of anonymous surveys dedicated to anyone experiencing the mobility during these hard times. If you want to share your experience, give advices and help us identifying innovative solutions for Erasmus+ mobility in case of emergency, you can fill out the survey at these links